Saturday, March 15, 2014

March In MARCH:

 Hello Everyone!

A group of Year Nine (aged roughly 14-15 years old) students in Australia were given the opportunity to ask Tony Abbott, our Prime Minister, a few questions.
These students asked about a range of Abbott’s debatable policies; from his stance on asylum seekers to why he’s planning to do away with the Carbon Tax. As Abbott waffles on through the footage it becomes clear, even HE doesn’t know why he’s against the things he campaigns against. 
Over this weekend marches (known as the ‘March in March’) have/will be held all around Australia to illustrate the lack of confidence many voters have in our new government and their racist, homophobic & misogynistic policies. 
If you have any interest in Australia or global politics please watch and share this video. It’s extremely important to highlight what is happening in this country at the moment. 
Tomorrow I will be marching in Melbourne along with many other VIC and interstate residents, and if you can I urge you to do so as well.