Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life Update + Instagram Pixels:

Hello Everyone!

I must apologise, I've been wanting to blog lately but I've been a bit caught up in the general hubbub of life. It's a brilliant place to be, so really I shouldn't apologise...But anyway...

 I thought I'd write a quick life update, just to let you all know I'm alive and well (even though I'm pretty sure the only person who reads my blog is my mum. Actually no, she doesn't I don't think. Not regularly at least...) and have been up to fun shenanigans!

Last week the university term started. I attend RMIT (Creative Writing FTW!) and it's been pretty full on. This semester I'm taking two electives and two core units. Although I'm a little disappointed, you see I couldn't get all my old credits from UC transferred so I might have to tack an extra semester or so onto my uni plan. That's alright though as I'm really, really hoping once I'm done with my bachelor I'll have the grades to get into masters & eventually gain my PhD.

I also got some sweet new granny-style glasses that I personally think are very chic. Well, by 'chic' I mean, they go with that 60yr old cat-lady swagger I've got going on in my sparkly furry vest and perm.

Annnnd...da-duh! I cut all my hair off. This happened a few weeks ago, so it actually looks a bit different now. I permed it to give it some texture which basically fried it and made it look awful for a day or two, but now it's a pretty cool red pixie crop that I thoroughly enjoy having. I have the underneath shaved & am hoping to get tracks next time I hang out with a clipper-handy member of the homosapien community.

In other news; I've been buying inordinate amounts of Starbucks coffees which I need to cut down on, eating HUGE amounts of those delicious strawberry Angry Birds eggs which have suddenly taken over the shelves, and watching quite a lot of the Youtube channel Jacksgap which I really, really like. I love Youtubers/Blogger's who use their platform to educate/change people and their opinions. It's what I hope to do with mine, after all!

That's all folks, Xo. I'll leave you with a video link of my latest Youtube video. Stay tuned for this weeks installment also! I'll be chatting about a few choice weird words & how they've come to be.