Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week in DIY: Mermaid/Naiad Fascinator Feat. A BOAT!

Hello hello!

Some of you may have seen a few pictures of me from my post about Rainbow Serpent festival, where I'm wearing a boat in my hair - in those pictures the boat in question was attached to a hair clip and was, unfortunately, falling out of my hair. It looked a bit silly, but I fixed the problem earlier this week by turning the boat into a fascinator!

I apologise for the blurry/noisy photo quality but I am, alas, not very adept at photography (prior to restarting this blog in December I hadn't touched a real camera in over a year!).

If you would like to know how to make a fascinator like this it's pretty simple. I ordered the boat from eBay, found the fabric in our scrap fabric box (sourced originally from Spotlight, along with the beads and sequins) and cut up a fish tank ornament for the red seaweed (which I should really paint blue or green because the red just looks weird...) I then sewed it all to the fascinator headband (found at Lincraft for about $14).

The hardest part to attach was probably the boat. I hot glued a section of reticolo wool around the base and threaded the cotton on through that. You can see the wool in the picture above, just under the boat's bow.
It was very simple to make, and I think it turned out quite effective. The fabric was the first thing to go on, I used a running stitch to ruffle it, then darted it to the 'cap' part of the fascinator. After that came the boat/reticolo wool step, followed by bead, sequin and seaweed embellishments. I did attempt to find some fish or sea creatures but the seaweed was the best I could do. A trip to a toy store might serve you better if you're looking to make your own!
Xo, Ellen