Monday, February 17, 2014

Cotton Balls + Orange Juice: The New Diet Fad:

Wowzee, wowza whoa.

I barely even want to write this post because I don't want someone to read it and think it's a good idea. The Everland Clothing blog just published an article describing a terrifying new diet trend sweeping not only the fashion industry, but teenage girls everywhere.

If you haven't already guessed from the title of this post, it's basically dousing cotton balls with orange juice and eating them in order to suppress ones appetite sans calories.

Aside from being rather disgusting and just plain strange (seriously, what absolute FOOL thought of this?) the orange juice and cotton ball fad is bloody dangerous. According to the Everland Clothing blog this 'diet' can cause your body severe damage by blocking the intestinal tract. Not only this, but cotton balls are NOT made of cotton. They are made of POLYSTYRENE. You know, like the squeaky plastic balls you fill beanbags with? Yeah. That's why they have such a gross texture when you squish them.

This is SUCH a dangerous fad. It's astounding that the society we live in causes so many young men and women to put their bodies, health and LIVES at risk in order to fit into a certain mould. A mould of 'perfection' which is a) not real, AT ALL and b) will probably be out of fashion the second Karl Lagerfeld get's a design-on for a woman who wears a size ten or twelve rather than a size six.

It's pretty amazing, also, the effect that media representation of women/men has on us. I've stated before on this blog that it's basically money-hungry douchelords capitalising on the inherent human need to strive, and rather than trying to make us better people they just try to make us thinner.

Dear god, I am actually terrified by this 'trend'. What the hell?

Girls, and boys, I implore you to find your sense of self-worth from something other than your looks. No matter what others tell you. No matter whether you fit today's standard of aesthetically pleasing or not. I myself have very bad body-image issues, but ideas like this cotton-ball thingy are just SCARY. This is the same level of terrifying as Bulimia or Anorexia and other eating/mental disorders.

I'm going to leave you all with two youtube videos explaining the beauty/modelling/fashion industry's constructions of beauty and how much effort goes in to making them just that, constructs. Seriously, it's like building a house and a tee-tiny waist is just the scaffolding. A LOT of effort goes in to making a woman look like she does on the cover of a magazine. Hell, nowadays a lot of effort goes into making a woman look like she does in a film. In a recent interview, actress Margot Robbie (of Wolf of Wall Street fame) admitted her legs were digitally extended in a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the film. DIGITALLY EXTENDED.

Why do we even have actresses anymore? Why not just tennis balls on sticks video game-like avatars can be scaffolded onto?

Anyway, here are two very good videos from the land of Youtube showing us the difference between the real world and the false world. There is a shot in the second video where half a woman's body is erased on Photoshop.


Xo, Ellen