Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's in my Wardrobe:

Hello all!

I've been running a bit low on energy this week; it's over forty degrees Celsius here in VIC where I live which is not fun. As I write this post I'm lying on my bed with a frozen bottle of water under my feet, also today the housemates & I watched 'The Day After Tomorrow' in an effort to cool down, haha.

I'm not a great fan of heat. I do like summer, but only if I'm in 25-30 degree weather, by the beach. Today we set up a pool in our front yard and spent most of the day in it, the water was freezing too, which was excellent.

I thought I'd do a write up of a few of my favourite wardrobe items; I took these pictures last night and they are not of great quality because sans natural light I am not a great photographer.

I found this beautiful deep blue and gold oriental-inspired jacket in an op-shop a few months ago. It cost me $3.50 and it made from a light, satin fabric. It's a big too big for me, but I figure that'll be handy in winter as I'll be able to layer several cardigans/long-sleeved shirts underneath. Regardless, I'm obsessed with the floral design.

Another vintage find (and, incidentally, also floral!) I bought this dress at the QV Market in Melbourne from a store called American Rag (it's AMAZING and I urge everyone with a taste for the eclectic to run down there and check it out). As it's a more upscale consignment-type store this dress was a little bit more expensive. I bought it in March 2012 and probably wore it to university nearly every single day this year.

THIS sequinned spectacular came from ModCloth, I bought it on sale as I don't agree with ModCloth's pricing (or the fact that shipping to Australia is so damn expensive) BUT I think it was worth it. It's amazing, the sequins are more iridescent than silver, and the bright white lining underneath sets them off perfectly. I also appreciate that such an attention-grabbing fabric has been paired with such a modest cut; I could throw an army jacket, stockings and boots on with this in winter and not look like I'm trying too hard.

I found this beautiful lace-and-layered piece on a $20 rack in a random boutique in Merimbula, NSW. Why it was ever on a $20 rack is anyone's guess because it's beautiful; I'm not sure if it was intended to be a dress, nightie or vest, because it has pop buttons, but I wear it as a dress.

These two pictures are of another piece I found at American Rag, my vase skirt. Originally it was ankle-length but I find wearing high-waisted skirts much more flattering to my five feet, two inches. So I hemmed it and took the waist in with a couple of stitches, now I wear it under my ribs, usually with a big belt, vest or patterned top (I can't help wearing a multitude of clashing things, it's in my DNA) and my trusty Docs.

My tartan onesie, purchased online from Boohoo.com

I found my lavender Doc Marten's in a store on Little Collins St, Melbourne. I honestly cannot remember the name of the place but it was a fantastic shop; full of Docs, Bordello's and Hellbunny clothes.

My babies; my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in multi-glitter. I purchased these online from Nastygal.com when they came out and have worn the HELL out of them. Luckily, they're still in fine condition. Lita's are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn (I own two pairs, these and a black studded leather pair) and Jeffrey Campbell is a top-quality shoe designer. I've worn these with tutu's, disco pants, skin-tight dresses - as far as I'm concerned they work with everything. Although I believe my dad would disagree, when he first saw them he asked 'are they real shoes?'

My princess highway tutu: I bought this YEARS ago at the basement in Bourke St Mall, Melbourne. It's so cute, simple but fun, with an awesome dot pattern over the chiffon overlay. The waist is elastic and cinches my shape in, making me look a bit curvier which is always a plus. I really like high-waisted skirts/shorts paired with midriff tops; that way I don't show much skin (I'm shy!) and I get a nice silhouette. A crop-top has the added bonus of not bunching or tangling under your clothes when you sit down.
So there you have it, just a few of my favourite things. If anyone's interested in seeing more fashion-y  blog posts, including outfit of the day posts, let me know in the comments section.
Xo, Ellen.