Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Kids of the 1990's


My posting's been a bit sporadic lately; I was at my sisters and parents houses over Christmas, incredibly ill on New Years, and since then I've been buried under the new articles I'll be writing for online magazine Hijacked. I've also been throwing myself into a few DIY projects I'd been wanting to get around to for ages, including my mermaid bra tutorial (posted yesterday) as well as knitting myself a crazy colourful patchwork jacket/hood for the upcoming winter months.

I thought today's post could be a throwback Thursday, I recently found some old family photos that are way too funny not to share:

I always had the nicest haircuts as a child. Weirdly enough, my hair now is basically the same. Also, I vividly remember needing that floatie/bikini top desperately every time I swam, attempting to put it on one year and realising it was too small. I was a totally cool kid, right?

This looks like it could possibly have been my third birthday. I still have a mullet.

Different time, different place, I still have a mullet but I think the best part of this photograph is my parents style. Mum, what is that cardigan? It's fabulous.

Again with the haircuts, what is this?! Joss's sock/shoe combo is adorable. Nineties babies had the best style.

Okay, this has nothing to do with me but I want to include this photo of my mum in Throwback Thursday for two reasons; one - her style, look at that suave scarf/blazer/brogue combo.

Xo, Ellen