Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mini Priceline Haul + Flamingoes!

L-R: Nude by nature foundation, ecotools powder brush, Savvy by DB white khol eyeliner, Australis nail glitter

 I had a 21st birthday a few weeks ago (December 15th to be exact) and with my leftover dolla dolla billz* I decided to pay Priceline a visit. I was in need of a few new beauty products, and I had also been wanting to try a different style of foundation (I've been using the same Natio stick foundation since the age of 16) because my skin needs have changed.
I picked up a limited edition Nude by Nature foundation, which comes in a super-fancy bottle that looks really suave and whatnot; a white kohl eyeliner I'd been dying to try forever, and a really cool-looking (and effective!) powder brush by Ecotools.
I also grabbed this bottle of nail polish ('Rio Riot' by Australis) because a) I have a weird addiction to glittery green nailpolishes, and b) I'm a sucker for those conniving little standee's they put all the pretty things in next to the register (up-selling will be the death of me).

Can you see my weird addiction? This isn't even half the collection.

I also received A LOT of awesome wool from one of my housemates (because we're cute and do things like secret santa) and whipped up a couple of beanies, the one pictured IS for sale & will be on my etsy once I get a half decent picture of it. The other was for a present.

And finally as promised...Flamingoes! End-of-year sales are still going & I found this absolute treasure of a jumpsuit (full-length too!) on a sale rack in Ballarat. Apparently it's a British (London) brand, I don't care where it came from all I know is that it was $20.00AUD and is AWESOME.

Excuse my terrible photos: I couldn't think of a better place to take pictures of the jumpsuit and my bedroom has AWFUL lighting. Also, I took the photos at night, but as you can see it's freakin' cool, right? I love the big bow, and that not every flamingo in the print is in the same pose.
Until next time...
Xo, Ellen.