Sunday, January 12, 2014

I spent the day at Midsummerfest Melbourne:

Hello All!
Yesterday (sunday 12th Jan) I went to Midsummerfest in Melbourne. Midsummerfest is an annual celebration of queer culture, involving music, markets, comedy shows, a dog show, and all sorts of entertainment. I was, of course, most excited over the elaborate costumes, from Drag Queens to a dude walking around Southern Cross Station dressed as a hotdog, there was an abundance of design-porn to suit everyone's taste in aesthetics AND comedy.
We left our house in the morning, grabbed breakfast in the city after a two hour bus ride (thanks train track renovations!) and then met up with everyone at the festival.
The NAB photobooth and lips couch were probably my favourites.
Our group grabbed some ciders and wines, bought a few left-wing politically-themed badges (and posed for several left-wing picture, see below) then desperately searched for the dog show so that we could ooh and aah over the cuteness overload that came in the form of an Irish Wolfhound and two sausage dogs!

These shirts were $25.00 and part of a support equal marriage rights/LGBTQ rights campaign going on throughout the festival.

My pretties; Schleb and Blaze rocking their left-wing badges.

Day drinking before the dog show. It was incredibly hot. In fact, as I'm writing this blog post it's only gotten hotter.

Shade life.

Pull your fanciest face!

Rocking my badges, bottom one reads: Racism Sux

The dog show: This was a highly appropriate/inappropriate outfit of bondage chaps. Haha.

Back to the awesome lounge.

This girl had the most awesome mermaid costume!

Retiring to the riverside.