Monday, January 20, 2014

Eight Inspiring Youtube Videos:

Hello All!

1. 'Just Say Yes' by Zoella:

Zoe Sugg is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and youtuber who began her blog and youtube channels as a way to regain some confidence and control from anxiety. She is extremely intelligent, poised and all-around kind-hearted. I really enjoy how candid and honest Zoe chooses to be about life with anxiety because I know how strange and uncontrollable it can feel to live with - sometimes it can even be hard to pinpoint that anxiety or depression is a problem in one's life. I'd urge anyone who's having one of those 'let's crawl under the covers' days to click play on this video and get inspired to just say yes!

2. 'Why We have too few women leaders' by Sheryl Sandberg (vieweable on the TedxTalk channel):

Ted Talks are one of my favourite things on the internet.. Picture it, hundreds of incredibly intelligent, talented people doling out straight up real life advice with a no-nonsense attitude. Now, multiply that 'tude by thirty and condense it all into one Facebook COO and AWESOME feminist & you've got Sheryl Sandberg. In this video Sandberg offers three pro-tips for working women as well as outlining some of the reasons women aren't as confident as their male counterparts.

3. Gala Darlings Ted Talk:

Gala Darling - aka, the downtown Carrie Bradshaw - has been blogging about Radical Self Love and positivity over on her blog for upwards of five years. In this talk Darling tells viewers about her struggles with depression and an eating disorder, how she overcame them, and her advice for women who aren't giving themselves a big enough dose of Radical Self Love.

4. Sarah Kay's 'If I were to have a daughter...' Ted Talk:

'Getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air' says Sarah Kay in this inspiring Ted Talk about advice she would give her future daughter. A commendable speech and highly advised video for all young women (and men!).

5. John Green (one half of the vlogbrothers duo) DOING THINGS the importance of:

In this video John Green, author, entrepreneur, vlogger, father and all 'round awesome dude chats about the differences between his life with anxiety/depression and how important it is to KEEP DOING THINGS. Green's achievements, both solo and with his brother Hank Green are amazing; from creating novels to giving away over $700,000 in charitable donations, to helping OTHERS achieve their own things. John, you never do forget to be awesome, do you?

6. Cameron Russell's Looks Aren't Everything Ted Talk:

In this video model Cameron Russell talks about body image, the power of constructed photography versus candid photography, and poses a very honest question/answer - why would you wish to be a model? As she says, 'that's like saying you want to win the lottery'. I had an intense amount of respect for this woman after the first two minutes.
7. ChummyChatter (aka: Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella) University, yes or no?

I love Zoe & Louise's ChummyChatter channel, they give real advice based on their own life experiences. I thought this video might be a good/inspiring addition to anyone entering their last year of high school. Louise talks about why she loved uni & would advise going, Zoe talks about the pros of NOT going. My own little tidbit to add would be; consider a gap year & you might end up with the best of both worlds!

8.  Vlogbrothers: 14 Reasons 2012 May Be the Best Year Ever:

In this video John Green shares fourteen AWESOME reasons 2014 is set to be awesome! Seriously though, here's a run-down of some positive trends in the human world which might perk you up if you're a born (and annoying) nihilist like me. Haha.

I hope some my readers find these videos inspiring; I tried to include a bit of variety (even though I know there are some channel repeats) to suit everyone's tastes - from world facts to life experiences. Enjoy!

Xo, Ellen