Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello All!

Recently my housemates and I began watching season three of American Horror Story. If you haven't jumped on the AHS bandwagon you should watch this season. Even if you despise scary films and TV shows American Horror Story: Coven, boasts beautiful mis-en-scene; from the decadent monochrome New Orleans mansion the witches inhabit, to wardrobes featuring black on black on black on lace on fringing, patterns and everything in between.

 'I happen to look fabulous!'
AHS alumnae Jessica Lange dresses like the head bitch in-charge, despite the fact that it is in fact her daughter, Cordelia, who teaches the girls how to use their powers. Lange is still one of the coolest, most terrifying actresses I've ever seen, she also delivers all her lines perfectly, and looks incredible doing so. When the girls step out to hang with the Supreme in what future generations will call 'the most stylish school excursion ever' she tells them, 'wear something black'. After all, what's the point of being a witch if you don't look it?


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The most stylish school excursion you've ever seen + hats galore. Look at those hats! I would own all of them in a heartbeat, not only the hats but Fiona Good’s parasol is pretty damn fantastic. However, even amongst all this design-porn, my favourite outfit in episode one was the floor-length dress Emma Robert's character Madison Montgomery wears in episode one, pictured (second from left) above. The bell-bottom styling on the sleeves and skirt are so fabulous, plus who could say no to all those layers of black? Also, Nan's (third from left, above) fishnet knee-highs are adorable, along with her extensive range of collared shirts, they make me want to read Edgar Allen Poe in a leather armchair.

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 Marie Laveou (played by Angela Bassett), the famous New Orleans voodoo queen, was written into this series. Her character is pitted against Jessica Lange's Fiona Goode in a huge power-struggle. Laveou has had 200+ years of eternal life to collect one of the most incredible TV wardroves ever shown. Of course it would take over 200 years and a pact with a demon to get eyebrows that fierce, surely that's not natural?

Not only does Bassett have incredible eyebrows, but her headscarf and pantsuit collection is beyond amazing.

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I'm really enjoying Taissa Farmiga’s character this season, she's gotten pretty staunch since the Murder House series: Nowadays she's cutting up zombie’s with a chainsaw, rather than herself, AND rocks a set of drill pleather overalls from TopShop. Seriously, full length leather overalls. Why do I not own a pair?

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Zoe's pirate-inspired had, bell-sleeves, thick belt and what I'm imagining would be some epic ankle-boots underneath has a certain Pirate of the Carribean flair to it. I imagine she's channelling a little of of Laveou's 'fuck you' attitude towards white witches in this episode. She's a tough chick, but she was on her way to her first witch-burning.

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All three of these looks are certain favourites, but why is it that Madison and Misty have the ultimate wardrobes? The dress Madison wears above is by Free People and will certainly cost you the blood of your firstborn should you decide you can't live without it...Either that or you could sell your soul to a Voodoo Queen in order to get an epic wardrobe. Also, we must note Nan's fantastic collar and bow-tie, I've always wanted a bow-tie/suit dress, and straight-fringe combo. I'm betting there's another set of great stockings under that table too.

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Misty Day (what a name, her power should never have been necromancy but weather predictions for mountain ranges) channels the White Witch (Stevie Nicks) throughout the season. Not only is her anthem Rhiannon, but her style is fierce: Combining every pattern, texture and trim with the classic long, flowing hair of a seventies witch. The rest of the girls practise bitchcraft, but Misty Day is legit.
She looks to Nicks not only for her earthy style tips, but also as a reminder of the importance to stay grounded - no wonder she's all for the healing properties of the Louisiana mud, this planet's here to help us.

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If only the board of my school dressed like this. Holy balls Myrtle Snow, your gloves cost $450.00 is that necessary? Oh wait, yeah probably. It probably was. As Terry Pratchett would write, when it comes to witches it’s the look of the thing that counts.

Xo, Ellen