Monday, December 23, 2013

The Last few Years in Hair:

Good morning!

I've seen a few of these 'my hair through the years'-style posts floating around the blogosphere, and I thought to myself, 'hey man I change my hair more than I change my knickers' (kidding) so I thought I'd trawl through my old facebook photos and find a few hits and misses in hairstyling from the past year.


Earlier this year my hair was dyed with Krazy Colour's vermillion red and I wore my extensions on one side, the other was growing out of an undercut (which is thankfully now gone, I can finally have even hair again! Yay!)

Okay this one is a sneaky 2012 shot. And look, my old bunk bed from the shared room! Haha. Again those are extensions, it was brunette at this point and maybe chin-length. Growing out from yet ANOTHER pixie crop (why?)

I do think this one's a bit of a hit. It's my current hair (well, actually my current hair is dip-dyed turquoise but this was only a few weeks ago)
One from January this year, long and blonde.
I was 16 or 17 when I cut my hair like this. And that reddish-sandy blonde is my natural hair-colour once I've hit the beach a few times (it's quite a bit darker when there's no sun about)

Brunette again. I love this cut actually. Although knowing me I probably just lopped the back off because it always gets so knotty. The cons of fine hair, le sigh.

This is one of the last times I actually remember going to a proper hairdresser (I really should've asked for an appointment for my birthday or something). I liked the cut pictured above, it was asymmetrical and a deep purply-red. The very last time I remember seeing a hairdresser is below, when I had my hair dyed red again for my year twelve formal.

Pixie child.

Curls get the girls.

I look drunk or something in this photograph, but that's a fierce hair colour.

A pretty boring brown, but I do love the straight-fringe.

This was the FIRST time I ever wore extensions. I look like a little scene girl, I never noticed that at the time but hey, it was during my BMTH phase.

Red, short, I like this. It's cute. But it was boring.

Ahahaha I look like an angry pirate or something. And my hair was pink and red. Fuck 'clashing' colour combinations, I think they're cool.

Dat pixie's back. I wish I was Tinkerbelle.

THIS is probably the style I'll go back to. Dark roots, light ends, long, boring but workable. Although I am considering dreadlocks.

Oh my lilac hues and scary smile! THIS was fucking cool, just saying. In January this year.
This is the Christmas-themed dip-dye I'm currently rocking.

Old mermaid plaits


Blue bob

Purple bob.

Probably the best look.

Baby me and 21 year old me have the exact same haircut (I'm the blonde eating her dress, the cutie on the left is my older sister)

last but not least!
Phew! What a whirlwind. I do apologise for my shitty photos but hey, that's what happens when you decide not to pick up a proper camera for two years.. Everything just gets instagrammed in grainy quality.
Thanks for reading!