Monday, December 23, 2013

TAG you're it: Christmas

It's Christmas Eve morning, and before I head out for a beach/forest-combing adventure I thought I'd quickly fill out this tag.

Which do you prefer: a real Christmas tree or a synthetic one?
Oh real for sure. Taking the car out with mum and illegally hijacking a pine tree from the highway is one of my fondest Christmas memories. Unfortunately everyone in my family uses fake trees now, but they look nice.

You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December: what do you pick? 
 Something with ice because I live in Australia and it's like living inside the sun during December.

Which colour-scheme is your favourite for decorating the tree? 
I don't really have a colour scheme I like, but I really like putting non-Christmassy stuff on the tree. We filled ours (my housemates and I) with faux ivy, apples, mushrooms, masquerade masks, peacock feathers, all the good stuff.
Giving or receiving? 
I like giving. I like picking things out for people because I'm quite good at remembering funny little details about things people want, so I make a point to personalise my gifts as much as possible.

To mince pie or not? 
If it's fruit mince it's vego-xmas friendly and I'm into it.
What’s your traditional Christmas lunch?
Hmm, it changes year to year. We've had the old traditional lunches, we've had Spanish feasts complete with paella and other dishes I've never heard of. I think pumpkin pie and roast veggies are pretty standard though. Oooh and a salad with mango pieces in it is always delish.

Christmas Day Fashion 
Haha, my jim-jambouree's? I dunno. I doubt I'd even bother showering on Christmas day. I'll likely be wearing whatever I fall asleep in tonight.
What’s your favourite Christmas film? 
Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, no question. I love all things Terry Pratchett and all kinds of weird-not-Christmassy-but-somehow-more-Christmassy-than-everything-else stuff at this time of year. Seriously, I made a wicked witch ornament for my tree. I'm a weirdo.
Open presents before or after lunch? 
. As soon as we get up!