Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve:

Hello all!

It's officially the 24th of December and my copy of Elf has reached the scene where Santa's sleigh finally manages to take off and escape the central park rangers. I've been staying at my sisters house this week, hanging out with her, her cat and fiancĂ©. It's been quite nice, although I rarely like being back on the coast. Over the past week we've set up her tree, eaten copious amounts of dip and wrapped presents.

It's been pouring rain since I arrived on Sunday night. I'm yet to even see the ocean (lol) but hopefully it'll be bright & shining tomorrow or Christmas day and I can get in some well-deserved beach time.


Isn't Xena the cutest little kittycat?

Annnnnd last (and, kind yeah least too) here's a bad-quality picture of our tree.