Friday, December 27, 2013

Life Update and Board Game-Nerd Confessions:

I am horribly sick right now. I'm by myself on my second-last night at home (I've been here since a few days before Christmas), I have huge mouth ulcers from stress - much like a cat I do not travel well - a strained back, sniffles and a weird prickly-hot kind of fever. So, basically I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself while everyone else is out, waiting for them all to come back.

Here, have an awful picture of me hugging a hot water bottle haha.

Today I went and cleaned out a bit of my old bedroom at my parents house. There were a few trinket-y things I missed quite a bit, haha. My mum also gave me a bunch of nice shirts someone had given her, we (my mum, sister and I) then went and had a bit of a snoop through all the local artisan shops up here before my sister and I headed back to hers. We had a few drinks on the beach this afternoon, then came home to get ready to go have a few more, but my anxiety and combined illnesses (back, sniffles, nausea, fever, ulcers) kind of forced me into a 45 degree angle here on this couch.

My awkward smile...

Even the cat isn't hanging out with me! It's a bit sad actually. Come back Xena!

I'm heading home on Sunday (roadtrip with the housemates! Woohoo!) and I've scored big time because I'm bringing Pictionary back, and as far as I'm concerned Pictionary is not only Pictionary but those idea cards are perfect for charades also. If there's a will there's a way!

I am actually a MASSIVE Board Game nerd. I am, as a rule, hopeless at all games for some reason (perhaps I just couldn't be screwed flicking the switch to get a 'competitive streak', I'd prefer to do my own thing) but I still love them. I have fond memories of playing chess and checkers, backgammon, temptation, boggle, scrabble, cluedo, mousetrap - you name it! With my extended family. In fact, for quite a while my aunt would send me and my sister HEAPS of board games for Christmases and birthdays. It was awesome!

Today while in my old room I found several of my old board games, although the aforementioned Pictionary was really the only one left intact, hidden in the back of my wardrobe. I immediately remembered a game of Temptation my sister and I had played as kids, in which I'm pretty sure my 'house' was robbed and the only thing I owned was a $3,000 cushion (what a RIDICULOUS game, a $3,000 cushion? WHAT?!) needless to say, games like these are always worth pulling out from the back of the cupboard and dusting off for a few rounds. In my house Monopoly and Scrabble are our staple games (I'm still yet to win either I'm pretty sure).

Sometimes I feel like people under-appreciate board games; I know it's quite a silly thing to think about but it's so much fun! Sitting in a circle on the floor, beanbags out, giggling over turns and swapping properties, trying to bargain fake money - it's just a laugh. The best thing about board games is that it's a real kind of social interaction. I've always found video games to be a complete bore (I'm sorry gamers! I suck I know) perhaps because, with the exception of GTA because I like to laugh at my horrible driving skills, they're so singular - to me at least, I know others will disagree but I'll always be an old school Board Game Nerd at heart.