Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All!
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As I’m writing this I know that everyone I know is either passed out or still slamming drinks either at each other’s houses or out in the bush. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go out tonight & ring in the New Year. I was ill from an allergic reaction to anti-biotics, meaning I was probably more messed up than everyone else haha. I’m finally able to sit up (kinda) and write (at least without a vom-break anyway) this blog post.
New Years Eve is a symbolic time; it’s one for change, upheaval and it’s a time to take stock of past decisions, and try to separate bad from good and improve upon one’s circumstances. Of course, every day can be a day for this, but we pay more attention to improving ourselves during the holidays.
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I’ve done the silly, overdone resolutions like ‘lose weight’ (if you actually WANT to lose weight, do so, but don’t feel like you have to be unhappy with yourself because of societal pressure) or ‘go out more’ (this usually just ends up in drinking too much, which I don’t like doing these days because I just get ill).
I wanted this post to be a reminder, that sometimes small, out-of-the-ordinary resolutions can be the best kind. I only have a few resolutions, ones that I’ve been working on, on and off, all of 2013 as well.
Spread positivity:
My main goal. I don’t want my space if life, online and everywhere else to be a place negativity can be hoarded. I want it to be a safe place, a place people can come to read something interesting, (occasionally) provocative and fun. This doesn’t mean though, that I won’t take the odd occasion to rip people like Tony Abbott or Gina Rineheart a new one when I can.
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Use my blog more:
Much like the above, I’d like to update every week at least once with a well-written, informative article, personal stuff or a project.
Work on both my novels:
This is self-explanatory, I’ve got two novels in draft stages.
Keep my GPA up at university:
Last year I got my first HD at uni. I was stoked & plan to make much more consistent grades this year.
Make more of an effort to see my family:
They live twelve hours away, and after re-connecting at Christmas I feel like it’s necessary to visit them more often. We are a bunch of nutjobs & therefore need each other.
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Well, those are my new years resolutions. What are yours? I'd love to hear.
Xo, Ellen