Thursday, December 26, 2013

Handmade Beanies (and a Christmas cat because, why not?)

 I make beanies!
I've been knitting for about a year now, and I've been thinking about starting to sell my beanies and scoodies (as well as any other cool knitted things/other DIY things people are interested in). The below photograph was taken by my sister, Joss (aka: - photo credit to her).
I'm happy to make beanies, scoodies, fingerless gloves, stockings, socks, scarves, whatever anyone's interested in! Simply email me @ ellenwardle@hotmail(dot)com with the word 'beanie' in the subject line if your interested and we can sort a commissioned knit out!
I will be setting an etsy store up very soon, I just need to get some more product shots of my work.

Scoodies all round!
The beanies will retail at roughly $25/30.00AU + postage (depending on wool, addition, length specifications, etc) and scoodies will sit (permanently) at $90.00AU + postage.

Annnnd here's the promised Christmas kitty, also taken from and photo credit goes to Joss!